About our team

The founding team at proximitE is composed of an elite group of Ivy-league educated scientists, engineers, and business-minded innovators who have a strong grasp of both the space industry and the emerging NewSpace industry. We have experience developing and researching the technologies for balloon-assisted rocket launches for small satellites, and have a comprehensive understanding of the current regulations governing the space industry. We are eager to make a powerful impact on NewSpace industry, and make space launches affordable, reliable, and timely for all small satellites.

Richard Nederlander


Richard is an electrical engineering PhD student at Vanderbilt University, studying radiation effects on space-based electronics. He has previously worked for Engility's (now merged with SAIC) Space and Mission Systems Group, and built and launched high-altitude balloons for Columbia University's High-Altitude Balloon team. He is also a Strike Force Fellow, where he is receiving direct mentorship from leading space entrepreneur Dr. Peter Diamandis.

Christiena Paulette


Christiena's full-time studies at Columbia University, in addition to her times studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland (2017) and the University of Cambridge in England (2013) have provided her with a unique international perspective. Further, her work in Finance, Government, and Consulting agencies across New York, San Francisco, and Haiti have equipped her with the practical business acumen to scale the company and drive shareholder value.

Shah Faisal Mazhar Abir


Shah is a recent graduate from Columbia University, having completed his Bachelor's Degree in Physics. Shah strongly believes in the privatization of Space so that anyone can explore Space without a heavy cost barrier. His scientific and technical experience at the Columbia Plasma Physics Lab and Columbia Condensed Matter Physics Lab is helping the proximitE family to create a better rocket propulsion system and to design better launching system.

Sidney Nakahodo


Mr. Nakahodo is the CEO and co-founder of The New York Space Alliance.

Christian Gobin

Computer Scientist Intern

Christian is a full time student, currently studying Computer Engineering. He specializes in Back-End Javascript development through MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js.